HADriAN in a few words

HADriAN: A “teach-the-teacher” toolkit inspired by heritage waterlines!

HADriAN program is here to develop and pilot a ‘teach-the-teacher’ toolkit for secondary education. The toolkit intends to support teachers in conveying values and knowledge with their students about cultural heritage, environment and urban development.

Three heritage waterlines are serving as the entry points for this educational journey: Hadrian aqueduct (Athens, Greece), Qanat (Palermo, Italy) and the inner-waterways at Delfshaven neighborhoods (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) have stimulated us to explore the topic of water and cultural heritage management, as also the related added-values, from artistic value to social utility.

Through the creation of four innovative educational tools, HADriAN aspires to re-conceptualize the idea of Heritage Awareness – including cultural and environmental aspects- as a driving force to motivate students towards cooperation, community-building and social engagement and support sustainable and people-based urban development!

source: www.elenimyrivili.com

HADriAN in numbers

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