Are you a school?

Then we invite you to become an associate!

Related to Hadrian Aqueduct, pre-Erasmus activity by Ohi Pezoume

As an associate, you will pilot the tools with your students and provide feedback – contributing to the creation of an innovative educational toolkit! Through your participation, associates will also attain:

– First-hand access to the development of an innovative methodology and tool-kit

– Visibility through the program’s channels and the channels of our communication/dissemination partners

– Enhanced knowledge of the school teachers and the students

– Engagement with their student and broader community, enhancing the social role of the school in the neighborhood

– Connection with other local and international stakeholders and potential to develop further collaborations and programs with them

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Why e-twinning?

The e-Twinning programme was launched in 2005 as part of the European Commission’s eLearning Programme and since 2007 it has been fully integrated into the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme. The programme promotes collaboration between schools in Europe by supporting projects that enhance pupils’ learning through a platform where teachers and students from schools of the European countries involved, communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and, in short, feel and are a part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.

The benefits of e-Twinning are immediate and have a long-term impact. As far as the former are concerned, the pupils want to share ideas and work with pupils in partner schools in other countries. Their performance and  quality of work are improved -as learning finds its real purpose – as well as the working relationships between staff and pupils are enhanced. Finally, teachers acquire an effective professional development, as pedagogy and skills are shared.



As far as the latter are concerned, through e-Twinning a greater understanding of the lives and cultures of other people is achieved, including classmates from different countries. The academic achievement is improved as well as the literacy skills. Lifelong skills, such as teamwork, cooperation and independent learning skills are developed. Communications skills, ICT skills and language skills for both pupils and teachers are improved. New opportunities for the school and the wider community are presented.

Apart from teachers’ collaboration, the Friends of e-Twinning are entities, organisations and initiatives that share the values and the objectives of e-Twinning. The collaboration between e-Twinning and its Friends aims to share their expertise to teachers through online seminars, workshops and the dissemination of high-quality material.

In conclusion, the e-Twinning platform allows like-minded teachers and pupils to meet with the use of ICT, create projects, share ideas, learn, develop, tear down the walls of their classroom and broaden their horizons in a secure and supervised environment.