Designing Tool #3: 3rd Blended Mobility Event (March 2020)

During these difficult times, we weren’t -of course- able to meet in Palermo and co-design in person – as originally planned. We thought about it and co-decided to meet anyhow digitally, as an attempt to feel closer and get further together in “quarantine times”.

So, between the 16th and the 20th March of 2020, our 3rd Blended Mobility Event took place successfully, thanks to our willingness to meet and of course, technology! Ohi Pezoume was the host of this meeting, hoping that the premises of Danilo Dolci in Palermo could possibly be our next destination in autumn 2020 (instead of Athens, as it was originally planned).

This meeting’s goals were to discuss on and refine the first tool (already partially piloted in Greek Schools), co-design the second –out of four- tool and reflect on the program development process.

A 5-step design methodology was again used – as in the design of Tool#1- leading us to a fun, creative and educational result that satisfied all of us: Following the on-site exploration of the local waterline (Tool #1), now the students are invited to create all together a playful digital tour with narration elements for the local waterline!

We hope that all this will end with the minimum possible loss and that soon, we will be able to get out again together, have fun and actively imagine our future by deeply considering what is actually important and what not.  Togetherness, creativity and meaningful education will definitely be in our agenda!

If you are a secondary educational organization (school or of other type) and you are interested in joining tools’ piloting with your students, please don’t hesitate to contact us! More info on Get Connected/Are you a school?  section.

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