Report from Piloting Tool#1: 12th Junior High School of Acharnes shares its experience!

During Spring 2020 –between the lockdown and the preparation of school exams- our HADriAN team enjoyed Tool #1  in a playful way, mostly out of class.

By the end of February, we had made an introduction to Hadrian Aqueduct and had given some homework for research. In the beginning of March, we assigned roles, were split in groups and described each personas’ profile. After that, we got through the perceptual sensory map, with many students sharing their experiences: Each student noted down his/her experience and a group sensory map was created. Presentations were very amusing!

The day we visited Hadrian Aqueduct (and, more, specifically, “keklimeni stoa” in the Olympic Village) each person brought an object that indicated his/her role. When we reached the spot, we splitted into 2 groups, played “The mirror” and “prepared” our senses! 

The students playing “The Mirror”

Then, we splitted in smaller groups and tried to “capture” the senses of Hadrian (through photographs, sounds, smells, tastes, stories by passers-by through interviews). Before leaving for school, we remembered not to leave back the object that each role carried.

The 12th Junior High School of Acharnes after its on-site experience!

Back to class and we analysed a bit! Then, we exhibited our sensory map creations – full of experiences of the three groups. both before and after we visited the Hadrian Aqueduct.

Unfortunately, due to covid 19, we didn’t have the time to create a song or a script or disseminate the whole experience to our school and the associated partners schools. We had also planned to visit Nikopolis (Preveza, in Nothern-West Greece) so that we could visit another Hadrian Aqueduct as well – but covid postponed that.

So, to be continued!


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