Report from Piloting Tool #1: 8th Junior-Senior High School in Chalandri shares its experience!

“Tool 1 it was for the whole team a playful learning!

From our first Sunday walk to El Alamein – our first contact with “our” waterline-  till the mapping of the Aqueduct into the classroom, through the lenses of the characters that we have created, we had a big smile and great enthusiasm and a motto song “we are water ancient & undercover our name… Hadrianio”!

During our team’s meetings, we heard stories about the Hadrian Aqueduct, witnessed the nature around it, sensed the ‘water’ and “dressed up” role characters as Flyano, Flyo, Flyaroi (names that our students gave to the characters from Flya the ancient name of Chalandri). Finally we travelled with our imagination through the Aquaduct’s tunnels from Parnitha till the sea!

We managed to depict all our individual perceptions, emotions and fantasy about “our” (because it became ours!)  Aqueduct into stories for each station that was drawn on our sensory map. Stories about wolf shaped fountains, a war for the water, smelly garbages, even the soul (psychi) of Hadrian himself… And we ended up with a common map. And we did it all together!

And while we were so enthusiastic with our sensory maps…Covid 19 came and did not let us match our imagination with reality…     And finally reconsider our sensual maps and compare it with reality… How close it could be…?  

So to be continued… With Covid 19 permission! “

See here the results of their beautiful and inspiring work!

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