Tool #1

The first tool intends to support on-site exploration and research of the local historic water resource by the class.

Educational On-site Activity inspired by Hadrian Aqueduct - conducted by the 8th Junior – Senior High School in Chalandri
(photo: Litsa Manologlou)

It attempts to answer the question: “What are the ways that a teacher can prepare and facilitate an on-site, interactive and engaging workshop in public space, introducing a local water-line with cultural heritage value, to his/her students and facilitate a discussion with the students on possible uses of it?” This workshop is for both introducing the local cultural/water resource and brain-storming with the students for possibilities of the resource’s local use.

The tool has been designed during December 2019, while the piloting period is programmed to last from February till March 2020. Following a feedback phase, detailed instructions on how a teacher can implement the final tool with the students will be available here soon.

1st Senior High School of Metamorfosi pilots Tool#1!
(Athens, Winter 2020, photo: Anna Trigatzi)

If you are interested in piloting Tool#1 with your class, contact us at 

Download the Tool #1 Manual here