Tool #3

The third tool intends to deepen the participatory examination of the site and support a process where the students collectively present it.

Tool #3 – or else “Shadows of the Water” – supports student-led co-curation of content for a digital touring App addressing both local community and visitors. It answers the question: “How can a teacher guide students in curating the content for an engaging digital tour for all?” Curating the self-guided tour, the students experiment in collaborative heritage management. They also create a relationship with the community, addressed and benefiting from the App.

Ready to follow the digital walk that Ohi Pezoume and Clio Muse created for Dourgouti Neighborhood!
(Athens, July 2015, source:

The tool has been designed during our digital meeting in March 2020. After piloting the tool and going through a feedback phase, the final tool will be available here during Winter 2020-21. 

Digital Meeting for Designing Tool#3
(March 2020)

Until then, If you are interested in piloting “Shadows of the Water” with your class, contact us at 

Download the Tool #3 Manual here